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Runway Automatic Management System of ATC for Air-craft Take-off and Landing

Priyankar Roychowdhury, Shreedeep Gangopadhyay


The existing system of ATC uses a manual system where pilots of air-crafts have to manually contact ATC for requesting permissions for landing or take-off. Air-traffic controllers follow FAA handbook containing a set of rules by which they manage the runway clearance and grant permissions to pilots. But this manual system requires conversation between Air-traffic Controllers and pilots in specific linguistic style. Aviation history shows many accidents have occurred due to misunderstanding of communication between pilots and ATC. Also both pilots and controllers always have to be careful so that miscommunication can be prevented. Furthermore, decision making for take-off or landing and providing runway clearance is a very tough careful job for controllers. But with this Automatic Management System, pilots just have to send requests for take-off or landing by pressing switches and runway clearances will be managed by this system. This paper provides the theoretical back-ground of how such a system can be developed. The advantages of this system are accidents due to wrong runway allotment by air-traffic controllers and accidents by misunderstanding of instructions between pilots and air-traffic controllers during landing and take-off are completely removed because there is no verbal communication involved in it. Moreover, the communications and decisions are computerised. The algorithm that will be followed by server after acquiring various data has to be converted into computer program format by using some suitable programming language and stored within the server for subsequent use.


Keywords: Air-craft, Algorithm, ATC, LAHSO, Runway, System

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