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Aerofoil Profile Analysis and Design Optimisation



The aerofoil section is the incarnation of a wing or a lifting surface which is very important in an airplane wing design. While the shape of the aerofoil changes, their aerodynamic characteristics also change. This paper deals with a standard symmetrical aerofoil as reference and the effect of changes in shape due to minor variations in the coordinates. Eight new aerofoil shapes have been produced in this optimisation process. The aerodynamic characteristic results such as the coefficients of lift and drag (Cd, Cl), pressure coefficient (Cp), moment coefficient (Cm) are noted for all eight different profiles, produced from the standard NACA 0012 aerofoil with changes in the chord thickness distance but no change in the maximum thickness in percentage of chord. The modus-operandi used in this optimisation process is the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Flow changes have been recorded for these aerofoil shapes and the results are arrived for finding the best aerofoil that can be advisable to be used in compressors, turbines, etc. with reduced flutter and maximum life. Keywords: symmetrical aerofoil, aerofoil shape, aerodynamic characteristics, CFD, co-ordinates, NACA 0012

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