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Simulation and Performance based Comparison of GA-Fuzzy-ANN based Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement in High Frequency Aircraft System

Saifullah Khalid, Bharti Dwivedi


A novel improved artificial neural network control primarily based craft shunt filter has been projected during this paper. The shunt active power filter model has been improved using Genetic algorithmic program and fuzzy logic. Genetic algorithmic program has been accustomed realize the optimum value of filter inductor; whereas fuzzy logic controller has been utilized in voltage control loop of the filter. The advance within the control scheme using artificial neural network control makes active power filter versatile for compensation of reactive power, harmonic currents, and unbalance in supply currents. Proposed craft shunt filter additionally give correct resolution to the neural current within the system. The simulated results using MATLAB model are conferred and that they clearly prove the effectiveness of the proposed control technique of craft shunt active power filter.


Keywords: active power filter, genetic algorithm, fuzzy logic, artificial neural network

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