Influence of Ceramic Particulate Reinforcements on Fly Ash Dispersion Strengthened Composites for Aircraft Structures

Santhosh Nagaraja, Kempaiah U.N.


The present work is a comprehensive research carried out to fabricate and characterize the hybrid metal matrix composite materials by reinforcing the metal matrix of Aluminum 5083 (Al 5083), with ceramics and industrial wastes. More often than not, when no less than two reinforcements are available, it is known as a hybrid metal matrix composite and our work relevantly focuses on portrayal of these “hybrid metal matrix composites” for aerospace applications, especially for aircraft components. Aluminum metal matrix composites with ceramic particles especially "Silicon carbide particulate reinforcements" are finding expanded applications in aircraft industry. In the present work, Aluminum 5083 is utilized as the matrix material into which SiCp and fly ash particulates are included as the reinforcements. The consequences of an exploratory examination of the mechanical properties of reinforced aluminium matrix (Al 5083) composites, synthesized by stir casting are accounted in this paper. Each set decided for present work had five kinds of composite specimens with 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 Wt. % of silicon carbide and 4 Wt. % of fly ash that is kept consistent all through, since the reinforcements in the matrix phase should not surpass 15 Wt.% . A graphite crucible and a cast iron die are utilized to prepare the composite specimens. The mechanical properties examined are the tensile strength, compressive strength, ductility and hardness. It is discovered that the tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness of the aluminum combination (Al 5083) composites increased with the increase in weight percentage of silicon carbide up, while the ductility steadily diminished with the increment in weight percentage of silicon carbide reinforcements. Morphology of the composites and dissemination of the reinforcements are explored by optical microscopy and scanning electron micrographs. The aluminium metal matrix hybrid composite, thus fabricated is characterized for its use in aircraft components, since aircraft components requires better tensile strength, compressive strength and wear resistance.
Keywords: Aluminium, silicon, carbide, fly ash, metal, matrix, composite, hardness, wear tensile, compressive, strength

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Santhosh N., Kempaiah U.N. Influence of Ceramic Particulate Reinforcements on Fly Ash Dispersion Strengthened Composites for Aircraft Structures. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3): 38–45p.

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