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Design and Analysis Versatile Thrust Vectoring Characteristics of A Military Turbojet Engine

Murali K., Sabik Nainar A., Sridhar Sudhkaran M.


This paper under the title of “Versatile thrust vectoring characteristics of a military turbojet engine" deals with the latest developments that exist and those which are proposed to be established in the field of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aeronautical engineering. The biggest problem that exists today in that field is that no aircraft can have both Vertical takeoff and Supersonic cruise on a same design. To overcome this, a turbojet engine VTOL technology is proposed instead of using a typical afterburning turbofan engine. VTOL technology is regularly used in the VTOL fighter aircrafts that exist today. The basic requirements and contents of the thrust vector control system are a fixed convergent-divergent aft nozzle, a flexible retractable-extendable ventral nozzle and an innovative idea of a fish mouth aerospike. Also two separate mechanisms are required to control the working of the opening and closing process of the aerospike and the extension and retraction process of the ventral nozzle. In this project the design and modeling of those two nozzles and that spike are carried out in CATIA V5 and the CFD flow analysis of those same subjects are done in ANSYS 12.0 CFD FLOTRAN. Then the capability and timing of working of all these engine hardware at different phases of aircraft flight performance are thoroughly discussed. The operational difficulties are analyzed and the solutions are also discussed.

Keywords:VTOL, Fish mouth aero spike, ANSYS, D Laval nozzle

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Murali K, Sabik Nainar A, Sridhar Sudhkaran M, Design and Analysis Versatile Thrust Vectoring Characteristics of a Military Turbojet Engine. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology (JoAET). 2015; 5(1): 37–46p.

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