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Material Selection for Mechanical Structures of Space Borne Payloads

Shubham Vrujlal Rupani, Piyush Gopani


Space borne payloads consist of several structures to fulfill its functions in space operation. Among these structures, mechanical structure serves as a backbone of whole payload. Hence mechanical structure needs to have very high rigidity and strength. For space applications, materials to be used in mechanical structures need to be selected very carefully. Every gram of added weight increases few liters of fuel consumption and hence costs extra money for launching of payloads. Hence material used in space borne mechanical structure needs to be very light. Now days composite materials are replacing metallic materials due to having superior mechanical properties with lesser weight. Although manufacturing of all the components of structure is not possible with composite materials. Hence compromised choice of light weight metal needs to be selected. This paper gives insight about materials selection consideration for space borne mechanical structures.


Keywords:Mechanical structure, space borne payload, material selection, space application

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Shubham Vrujlal Rupani, Piyush Gopani. Material Selection for Mechanical Structures of Space Borne Payloads. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(3): 24–28p.

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