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A Report on Numerical Investigation of Wings: with and without Telescopic Wing

Somashekar V., Kruthika K.C, Pavithra S., Priyanka R, Shreerangamma T.L


The telescopic wing has generated lots of interest in telescopic wing weight, geometry, complexity, structure, retractable/extendable mechanisms and aerodynamic performance etc. The problem is to develop telescopic wing for Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a one of the light aircraft built by Piper aircraft and designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use. The key design parameters for the telescopic wing aircraft as mentioned are lift force generated (lift coefficient) to reduce the take-off and landing distances, to decrease fuel consumption during take-off and landing and to increase static stability of the aircraft during take-off and landing phase at the same time in flight maneuvers remains same. The design process is based upon the above parameters.  After numerical computation of the above parameters, the same will be checked with the values obtained from the theoretical calculations. Since the telescopic wing aircraft to go through a cycle from take-off to ascend to cruise to descent to landing on the runway it is necessary to check the design process at every stage of computation. The proposed solutions are lift and draft coefficients, aerodynamic forces at different angles of attack. In the present work, it is proposed to study the telescopic wing aerodynamic analysis using CFD software. The various steps involved in this work are geometric modeling using CATIA V5R17, meshing using ICEM CFD, and solution and post-processing through FLUENT. The lift and drag coefficients were compared for all the simulations with experimental results. The objective of the work has been achieved successfully for both takeoff and landing of the aircraft with increased level of stability and performance of the aircraft.


Keywords: Telescopic Wing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Take-off and Landing, Maneuvers, Aerodynamic Characteristics

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Somashekar V., Kruthika K.C., Pavithra S. et al. A Report on Numerical Investigation of Wings: with and without Telescopic Wing. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(3): 16–23p.

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