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A Study on Aircraft Anti-icing Systems

Bhavik D. Lathigara, Vinal G. Virani


Aircraft anti-icing system is one of the key components without which aircraft icing related problems cannot be solved. Considering the long history of aircraft building technologies the involvement of anti-icing system has a remarkable influence over it. Basically there exist two types of aircraft anti-icing systems namely, the first one is electro-thermal anti-icing system the second one is bleed air anti-icing system. For propellers electro-thermal anti-icing system is used and for fixed wing planes the bleed air anti-icing system is used to prevent icing on the wings. Apart from these two anti-icing systems there exist several other anti-icing systems for the prevention of ice formation. It should be noted that anti-icing and de-icing are two different systems with different purposes. A short study of different aircraft anti-icing systems has been carried out for better understanding. The paper shows various aspects and methods of anti-icing systems used.


Keywords: Aircraft Anti-Icing, bay model, de-icing, bleed air, electro-thermal ice protection system, electro-expulsive separation system, ultrasound actuator

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Bhavik D. Lathigara, Vinal G. Virani. A Study on Aircraft Anti-icing Systems. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(2): 9–15p.

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