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Finite Element Analysis Using 2D Plane Stress Elements for Thick Beam

Poonamrani B. Patil, Ajay G. Dahake


Displacements and stresses are calculated for the cantilever model using two-dimensional plane stress finite element analysis (FEA) procedure. The cantilever models are developed using nine-noded Lagrangian (LAG-9) elements with application of boundary and loading conditions. The discretization, formulation of an element, constitution of element, application of load and various boundary conditions by FEA. Analyzing finite element system and computation of its results, namely stresses and displacements are programmed using MATLAB®. The two-dimensional plane stress elements use nine-noded isoparametric displacement-based finite elements. The calculated displacements and stresses are validated against the equivalent FEA model in ADINA®, general purpose finite element analysis software.

Keywords: Cantilever beam, bilinear interpolation method, bending and shear stress, displacement

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Poonamrani B. Patil, Ajay G. Dahake. Finite Element Analysis Using 2D Plane Stress Elements for Thick Beam. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(2): 1–8p.


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