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Design and Structural Analysis of Bracket for Control Unit in Light Combat Aircraft

Ashwin C. Gowda, Santhosh Nagaraja, Aswatha ., Santosh S., Salman Saif Khan, K. Priyarajtej


Every aircraft essentially consists of an environmental control system (ECS) which is very much required to control the interior environment for the flight crew and the equipment. The charged air (compressed air) from the seventh stage of compressor unit of engine is tapped used for cooling the cockpit and avionic system. The charged air is made to pass through the various components of the ECS such as pre-cooler, primary heat exchanger, secondary heat exchanger, cold air unit, condenser etc., thus, the charged air is converted to required temperature and pressure and is utilized for the cooling purpose. In the current research paper, the design of control unit bracket locator for ECS is done with CATIA V5 R20. The structural analysis is very essential to ensure the concept that it can meet the requirements. We have furnished by using an analysis software package called ANSYS. The analysis by using ANSYS 14.5 package gave us the desired results in the work undertaken by us. The new design is done by using essential software, to reduce the prototype costing and bring out a conceptual design. For implementing any new design in an aircraft, the various analysis such as stress analysis, flow analysis and thermal analysis of the design are very essential. Since the design is a new concept and it has to withstand various loads and so there is a need to analyze it for different critical parameters.

Keywords: Design, prototype, structural analysis, bracket, control unit, light combat aircraft

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Ashwin C. Gowda, Santhosh N., Aswatha, Santosh S., Salman Saif Khan, K. Priyarajtej. Design and Structural Analysis of Bracket for Control Unit in Light Combat Aircraft. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2016; 6(1): 39–44p.

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