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Static and Dynamic Analysis on 5-Blade Marine Propeller

Siva Prasad Kondapalli, Srirama Murthy Bellala


Ships and underwater vehicles like submarine and torpedoes use propeller for propulsion. In general, propellers are used as propulsions and they are also used to progress significant plunge to propel the vehicle at its operational speed and RPM. Much has been said and published on the development of the marine propeller from the time of antiquity to the present age, but there is more to be done. This paper describes the Static and dynamic analysis carried out on Aluminium-24345 propeller which ishigh corrosive resistant and light in weight. 5-blade propeller modelled in CATIA V5R20 and analysis is performed using FLUENT and ANSYS software. Material results are compared and the stresses obtained are well within the safe limits of elastic property of the materials. The propeller is the predominant propulsion device used in ships. The performance of propeller is conventionally represented in terms of non-dimensional coefficients, i.e., thrust coefficient (KT), torque coefficient (KQ) and efficiency and their variation with advance coefficients (J).

Keywords: Marine Propeller, ANSYS, CFD, Acoustics

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Kondapalli Siva Prasad, Srirama Murthy Bellala. Static and Dynamic Analysis on 5-Blade Marine Propeller. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology. 2018; 8(3): 14–25p.

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