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Analysis of Crashworthiness of Typical Helicopter and Design Optimization

Payal Chauhan, Giridhar Sarda, Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Sneha Dwivedi, Praveen Khanna


It is very important to make our helicopter crashworthy because it is 400 times more fatal than aircraft accidents and hence serious concern is required towards the crashworthiness of the helicopters. Our basic aim is to incorporate a material or a composite feasible enough to sustain tremendous amount of energy dissipated during the impact or crash or hard landing. We considered two very important components of the rotorcraft for our analysis, the skid landing gear and the passenger seats. In case of the landing gear, many different alloys are being used; at present, our agenda here is to replace the existing material with the composite which is not only easy to fabricate but also cost effective and reduces the gross weight of the helicopter. The second component of our project is the analysis of the passenger seat, wherein a certain component is failing due to impact. The objective of this paper is to study and understand the current scenario of materials used in rotorcraft and replace them with the feasible composite materials.

Keywords: Crashworthy helicopter, landing gear, passenger seats, rotorcraft, feasible composite materials

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Payal Chauhan, Giridhar Sarda, Praveen Khanna et al. Analysis of Crashworthiness of Typical Helicopter and Design Optimization. Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology. 2018; 8(2): 27–39p.

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