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Buckling Strength of Metallic and Composite Plates with Small and Large Hole at Different Locations

Sundaresan Poovalingam, Rajeshwar Baddam, Ravindra Kiragi


Most of the aircraft structures will experience a buckling phenomenon due to compressive loads. The cutouts like system small and large holes, lighting holes etc. are introduced in the aircraft structure at different locations for accessing aircraft inside and for passing electrical wires and ducts. The stress rises around these holes due to removing area in the panel and buckling phenomena will become further critical in aircraft structures. The cutouts can be introduced at any locations either at the center or away from center of the panel structure. During preliminary design stages, cutout locations and sizes will change frequently from one location to another location. Every time performing a buckling analysis will become tedious task. To simplify the process, the buckling analysis results are shown in this paper for metallic plates and composite plates by placing holes at different locations for small and large hole in the panel structure. This paper also addresses buckling analysis of composite plates with different ply layups like quasi-isotropic, angle ply (45/-45) and cross ply (90/0).


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