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Mathematical modelling of Thrust profile and Kinematic parameters of Launch abort system

Md. Saquib Reza, Aanif Hussain, K. Devaki


The paper discusses a mathematical approach for analysis of thrust and related kinematic parameters produced by abort/escape motors of Launch abort system (LAS) during the initial seconds of abort sequence. The profile is generated applying simple numerical technique to the equations of thrust and motion during this non-linear process. Thrust value peaks during this phase, making it crucial for safety of LAS and the crew in particular. Computations involving data and input conditions are incorporated into the calculations after detailed assessment of previously published papers by SpaceX and NASA related to Crew Dragon and Max Launch Abort System respectively. The equations are coded in MATLAB after getting the resulting numerical equations for smaller time steps without destabilizing the solutions to get more sharper and smoother results. The abort sequence is ran for three different abort sequences that a Spacecraft encounters during its ascent. Each time same set of code is ran for each sequence before changing the input conditions. An exacting three profiles of a characteristic quantity corresponding to each sequence are obtained to analyze the behavior of LAS. At appropriate places, the sources for validation of results are also put together.

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