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Rural Service Centre Analysis of Deogaon Block, Balangir District in Odisha

S. Tufailur Rehman, Sibabrata Das


Service centre has its functional capacity to serve the needs of people on the surrounding area. The facilities and services provided by the central places to their surrounding settlements are known as central service and functions. These functions are performed by number of other settlements surrounding them. For this purpose, the author has selected Deogaon block. The Deogaon block is situated between 20°28’5.106” N to 20°41ʹ24.933ʺ N latitude and 83°9ʹ3.339ʺ E to 83°36ʹ33.614ʺ E longitude with an area of 485.02 sq. km. The application of quantitative approaches and techniques based on the respective statistical data obtained from the above sources would contribute to logical steps to be taken for area development planning for the region under study. Remote sensing and GIS technology has applied for preparation of the various thematic maps and present the socio-economic status of the study area. All the services are well concentrated along the road on both sides of Deogaon. In the second order, there are six numbers service centres namely, Ramchandrapur, Bandhpara, Badbandh, Jarasingha, Salepali and Mahalei. There are eleven numbers of service centres in the third order and the value ranges between the minimum of 0.076 to 0.106 and the centres are Dumerpita, Desandh, Dhandamal, Landapathar, Siletkani, Uparjhar, Bagada, Gaurgoth, Bandhpara, Arjunpur and Singhatimal. On the basis of analysis, it is found that this method is more accurate for identifying rural growth centres because in this method occupational data as well as quality of facilities found in each settlement are taken into consideration.

Keywords: Service centre, central place, micro-level, remote sensing, GIS

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