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Vehicle Security Framework with Tracking Mechanism

Ushie J. O., Valentine N. H., Ekong I. B., Etido M. G., Bassey J. U.


TRecently, the use of vehicle has become a necessity to everyone in the world. In the same way, securing the vehicle against theft is also very essential. Impediment of vehicle theft can be done remotely by an authorized person. Embedded computing technology is an emergent field used in all the areas. A competent automotive security system is implemented using embedded system along with GSM, GPS and personal identification number (PIN) through a 4´4 matrix keypad. This work gives a literature survey on the vehicle security system using person identification techniques. The survey mainly emphasizes on major approaches for automatic person identification, namely PIN and various existing vehicle security systems.


Keywords: Global positioning system, global system for mobile-communication, tracking system, personal identification number, automobile, security framework, radio frequency identification

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