ZnCdS thin film chalcogenide by chemical bath deposition method

Suresh Kumar, Kamala Pati Tiwary


Chalcogenide ZnCdS thin films preparation by chemical bath deposition method is currently considerable interest because it is relatively inexpensive, simple and large area deposition technique. Different substrates are used since these are low temperature process which avoids oxidation and corrosion behavior of substrate. Photoelectrochemical solar cells, photoconductors, detectors, sensors, etc. are some of the applications of chalcogenide ZnCdS thin films. The effect of zinc content on structural, morphological and optical properties have been reviewed. Further, the changes occurred after annealing of the film at different temperatures and different time have also been incorporated and discussed in this article. In the present review, we have described in detail chemical bath deposition method for chalcogenide ZnCdS thin films. The method is capable of yielding good quality thin films. Their preparative parameters, structural, morphological and optical properties have been discussed in this review article. 


Metal chalcogenide, semiconductors, thin film, chemical bath deposition, solar cells

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/nanotrends.v22i1.829


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