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Dielectric Studies of ZrO2 Semiconducting Oxide Materials and its Characterization

S A Fowziya, A. M. Uduman Mohideen, A. Mohamed Saleem, M.T. Sadad Abdussamad, V. Fairose, N. Anuradha, A. Ayeshamariam


Zirconium oxide powder was prepared by using the combustion method. Solution combustion synthesis was adopted to prepare the powder, urea and glycine act as fuels. The crystal size values were calculated its nearly equal to 74 nm. Naturally, bulk zirconium is the insulator, the reduction of size in nano will behave as a conductor, and its electrical and dielectric properties were reported here. The electric modulus M* is defined in terms of the reciprocal of the complex relative permittivity ε* was explained here.


Combustion, dielectric studies, lattice parameter, ZrO2

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