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Graphene: A Pathway to Advanced Photonics

Pravanjan Swain


In this paper, we discuss the potential of graphene with its unique properties to create a new pathway for advancement in photonic devices. Modulators and photodetectors are discussed in detail as these are the foundation of advanced photonics. We begin with an outline of how graphene is discovered and how its production processes sped up its marketing value. In the next section, basic physics of modulator are discussed and how graphene modulators helped surpass the limitations. The challenges and problems are addressed along with possible solutions. Third section revolves around graphene photodetectors and its evolution. The low light absorption of graphene was the major setback to its progression. We discuss various mechanism and structures to counterfeit this issue. Recent publications around each are cited properly to show how far we are in the journey to advanced photonics. In the final two sections, other graphene based photonic and optoelectronic devices are mentioned along with a conclusion remark for the future and present of this material.


Graphene, graphene modulator, graphene photodetectors, advanced photonics, fabrication techniques

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