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Experimental Performance Analysis and Temperature Distribution of Automobile Radiator Using Nano Fluids

Vishal Kumar, Kundan Gupta, Krishna Dutta Pandey


Internal combustion engine always needs to be maintained at the working temperature for good performance. The excessive generation of temperature affects the performance and reduces the efficiency of the engine. In order to remove the excess temperature, we need some cooling system in the automobile like, 1. Air cooling system and 2. Water cooling system. Air cooling system is used in two-wheelers and aero planes. The air takes heat from surface of the engine through the fins available on them. In water cooling system, water jacket is provided around the engine which carries the heat of engine and releases this heat to atmosphere with the help of component called radiator. In the present work, experiment has been done trying to copy the condition of automobile and thermal performance of radiator has been done using nanofluids of Al2O3 and CuO. Water is also taken to compare the performance of the nanofluids. Results of the experiment are compared with the software results. Modelling is done in V5R21 software and for analysis purpose, ANSYS CFD solver is used. It is found that when nanoparticles are mixed with water, the cooling capacity increases. Between the two types of nanofluids used in the experiment, nanofluid of Al2O3 is better coolant as compared to that of CuO. About 30% heat transfer enhancement is achieved with addition of 1% Al2O3 particles and about 20% heat transfer enhancement is achieved with addition of 1% CuO particles.


Radiator, flow rate, temperature variation, nanofluid, experimental analysis

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