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Design and Development of Compact Humidifiers for Bench-top Chambers



All products which are used in daily life have to serve in different climatic condition globally such as temperature, rain, humidity, etc. Hence, the products have to be tested under these conditions with the help of climatic chambers. There is a demand for a smaller version of climatic chambers called as bench-top chambers. Bench-top chambers require a compact humidifier, which can work on all humidity requirements set by the user. To overcome, all the operating conditions, restrictions and feasible solutions were considered, and four new designs were proposed. Each design was carefully analysed and tested & the best design was selected. The selected design was fabricated, and performance was experimentally validated with a different set of temperature and humidity conditions. The experiments were carried out on the selected design, and the calculations were noted. Heat transfer from the humidifier was studied using ANSYS 14.5, and the results were taken down.



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