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Dual Connection Pedal Powered Water Pumping System

Milan Patadiya, Hardik P. Hindocha, Ronak Sanghani, Rajdeep Singh Zala, Rushang Surani, Kartik Asodariya


Now a days fossil fuels are going to empty in few year, so we have to again select the path of renewable energy. People are turning towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind and tidal etc. Human effort can also be considered the renewable source since it doesn’t use energy from non-renewable sources. There are many application of pedal power in our life. Many attempts are made to make mechanisms running from pedal power. Sometimes it became successful also. One of them is Pedal Powered Water Pumping System. However, the purpose of the pedal operated mechanism can be anything but the most feasible setup which can be considered possible is pedal powered water pump. Also there are many people who have tried and achieved success at some level. But apart from that we should now think again for further modification of the PPWPS. Here the research is carried out on the modified setup of the PPWPS and experiments are carried out to see whether the modified setup has benefits over conventional PPWPS or not with help of numerical information to facilitate technical interpretation of the data from the experimental values in actual conditions of operation.        


Keywords: Modification, Dual Pump, Manual effort, High Head, High Discharge


modification; dual pump; manual effort; high head; high discharge

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