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Thermal Analysis of Coolant System for Electric Vehicle

Rugved V Bandewar, Ravikant K. Nanwatkar, Rushikesh N. Zarkar, Shubhank P. Nalawade, Suyash A. Mhatre


An electric car condenser system's thermal examination is presented in this study. The goal is to examine the
system's ability to dissipate heat underneath various operating circumstances and with various condenser fluids. An
experimental model for the system is created as part of the study and is based around the limit volume approach. The
coolant's temperature and the heat transfer coefficients between it, the energy source, and the motor are taken into
consideration by the model. The analysis's findings demonstrate that, even in high power situations, the system for
cooling can keep the electrical system and motor's temp within acceptable working ranges. However, the analysis also
highlights the importance of optimizing the design of the cooling system to ensure efficient heat dissipation and
minimize energy consumption. By studying the dynamics of computational fluids for the specific setup, additional
discoveries are confirmed. In all, the study's findings offer perceptions into the thermal management of electric cars,
which may be helpful for the foreseeable creation of systems that are more dependable and productive..


Air coolant, Types of Batteries, water coolant, Lithium-ion Battery, Average speed, State of charge, computational fluid dynamics.

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