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Study on Server Cabinet Cooling System: A Review

Abhijeet Sonawane, Aksay Padalkar, Prathamesh Paste, Nkhil Kumar Singh, Mugdha Dongre


The goal of data centre mechanical system research and development is to improve the energy efficiency and reliability. Several new cooling solutions, which including hybrid/liquid cooling systems and free cooling systems, have been successfully implemented in production data centres, with enhanced Power Usage Effectiveness when compared to traditional air-cooling data centres. But the research in small scale data centre cooling is not taken in consideration. In this project we are introducing a new way of cooling small scale servers which will be impactful in the telecom service provider and internet service provider industry. The cooling unit consists of a vortex tube and a nozzle. The cabinet cooler consists of vortex cooling system. With optimum air flow to the server cabinet. On the one hand, the design must provide adequate cooling capacity and heat transfer area; on the other hand, the size should be kept to a minimum. The effects of the air circulation design are modelled analyzed quantitatively in this work.


Vortex tube, Refrigeration system, Small scale server, Temperature separation.

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