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Analysis and Design of a Jacket Offshore Structure in the Lebanese Coast

Abdallah Ahmad Cheikh el Najjarine, Abdallah Accary, Jihane Aouf, Marie-Nour Kaydouh, Walid Kamali


Massive steel-framed structures, known as offshore jacket platforms, are used to discover and extract oil and gas from the Earth's crust. This study is to design a stable jacket offshore structure under several types of loading such as environmental, permanent, and operating loads applied on the jacket legs and the top structure. Besides, the design analyze many resistant members (beam, column, brace, & pile) using the American Petroleum Institute API and the International Organization for Standardization ISO19902 codes. In statics analysis conducted a fixed boundary condition, the jacket was modelled in the SACS V12.0 finite elements program. Operating and storm conditions are taken into account, which includes equipment weight, wind load hydrodynamic load. Linear static analysis is performed for the jacket and top structures considering eight loads direction, the maximum base shear and overturning moment are in operating condition 2, in addition to the unity check values, for all members. This work assembles general information on the design & analysis of a stable jacket offshore structure's design and analysis and usable information about the Lebanon Coast.




Jacket Offshore Structure Design, Finite Elements Design, Stability, SACS Software.

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