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Spin Reorientation of CoPt/AlN and Gd Films Described by Third Order Perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian

N. U.S. Yapa, E. M.P. Ekanayake, P. Samarasekara


Spin reorientation of experimentally synthesized CoPt/AlN and Gd films has been described using third order perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian. Easy axis oriented ferromagnetic thin films find potential applications in magnetic memory devices and MMIC. Spin exchange interaction energy, long range dipole interaction energy, magnetic anisotropy energies, magnetostatic energy, stress induced anisotropy and demagnetization energy were taken into account. Values of these parameters of particular bulk magnetic materials were employed for this simulation. Average values of spin components in plane and perpendicular to the plane versus temperature were plotted to determine the spin reorientation temperature. One of these components was zero at the spin reorientation temperature. The spin reorientation temperature considerably depends on Ks and Nd according to this study. All the simulations were performed using MATLAB computer program. 


Third order perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian, spin reorientation temperature, magnetic easy axis

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