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Hybrid fibre polymer for nano-composites

Nupur Goswami, Jyoti Dutta, Bhakti Bharati Mishra, Bangshidhar Goswami


This article is study of nano-sized hybridized polymer material after addition of clay and natural fibre. Abated and so whelm procure of eco-friendly plastics have been produced from natural fibre. similarly, filler and montmorillonite, organo-clay, saponite and halloysite as modified filler into polymer. impressive thermal, electrical, mechanical, optical and weather resistance properties have been developed in polymers produced for food packaging, automotive, electronics, and biomedical devices. Characteristic to subject has differentiated nano-filler containment or nano-clay into fibre fillers that are made from natural materials. Selective placement of fillers from natural category increased load bearing capacities at lower carbon emission and recyclability. Nano-ceramic fillers in polymer have been studied to produce monohybrid of multi-functionality performance.


Bioremediation; Polymer; Fibre; Clay; Hybrid

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