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Electricity Generation by Fuel Cell Using Hydrogen Produced From Steam-Reforming

Anuraj Shrivastava


With the growing need of hydrogen, it is required to search for other large-scale hydrogen production option(s) which are feasible too. Since, the inception of Electric Vehicles and exposure to the advantages of fuel cell, the requirement of hydrogen is about to see a steepness in the ‘requirement- curve’. Fuel processed from fossils when used pollutes environment to a great extent. In this paper, we discuss about other option of installing fuel cells of ‘hydrogen’ and ‘methanol’ which could use the hydrogen produced by the ‘Steam-reforming’ of hydrocarbons, which can be obtained from ‘heavy-oils’. The CO2 formed during steam-reforming can be converted to methanol and, in turn, can be used as fuel in methanol fuel cell.

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