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Biotechnological Prospective of a Group of Beneficial Extremophiles Isolated from Different Sources

Anupama P. Pathak, Mukundraj G. Rathod, Gautam T. Kamble, Disha M. Basve, Shailesh V. Mahalinge, Hulram G. Ankamwar, Sanjay Chavan, Vyankatesh Mane, Gayatri M. Thakur, Santosh Dhopate, Gangadhar Khule


Extremophiles thrive in terrestrial hot springs, hydrothermal vents, glacial ices, saline lakes, solar saltern and acidic and alkaline niches; moreover a group of the extremophiles may grow in household hazardous waste, solvents containing cleaning and polishing chemicals, heavy metals contaminated sites, or in several other habitats such as aphotic, anoxic, athalassohaline and thalassohaline habitats that were previously considered inhospitable for life. Beside aforementioned extreme niches, extremophiles also dwell in poultry farm waste, salted fish, pickles, and many other food items. Extremophiles exhibit various applications in photographic, food, feed, dairy, detergent, pharmaceutical and leather industries. Bioactive compounds from them such as 2-phenylamine, beta-carotene, lycopene, phytoene, siderophores (iron chelators), organic acids, peptide antibiotics, caspase-1 inhibitors and lot of extremozymes are the topics of investigation amongst the researchers of extremophiles. In this context, we isolated and characterized three extremophiles from poultry farm waste and a salted fish Labeo angra. Based on their phenotypic and microscopic observations and biochemical characters the isolates were identified as Alkalibacillus sp. ASM1, Halobacterium sp. SNA2 and Halobacillus sp. SNA3. These extremophiles can be exploited for alkaline protease, alkaline amylase and pigment production. 


Extremophiles, alkaliphiles, pigment producer, halophiles

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