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A Review on Drug Delivery Systems Using Microfluidics

Aditya Aneppanavar, Ajay Arvind, H Manoj, Prashanth Mypadi R, Anand Jatti



Microfluidics is undoubtedly an influential technology that is currently revolutionizing the chemical and biological studies by replicating laboratory benchtop technology on a miniature chip-scale device. In the area of drug delivery science, microfluidics offers advantages, such as accurate dosage, ideal delivery, target-precise delivery, sustainable and controlled release, several dosing, and slight side effects. These helps bring significant assets to the drug delivery systems. Microfluidic technology has been increasingly used for fabrication of drug carriers, direct drug delivery systems, high throughput screening, and formulation and immobilization of drugs. Microfluidic devices present exclusive advantages for the development of efficient drug carrier particles, cell-free protein synthesis systems, and prompt techniques for direct drug screening. Compared to bulk methods, by efficiently controlling the geometries of the fabricated chip and the flow rates of multiphase fluids, microfluidic technology aids the generation of highly stable, uniform, monodispersed particles with higher encapsulation efficiency. In this review, the generation of appropriate drug or gene carriers including different particle types using different structures of microfluidic devices is highlighted. Moreover, this paper discusses the emergence of fabricated microfluidic cell-free protein synthesis systems for potential use at point of care as well as cell-, organ-, and human-on-a-chip models as smart, sensitive, and reproducible platforms, allowing the investigation of the effects of drugs under conditions imitating the biological system.


Keywords: microfluidics, drug delivery system, drug carriers, nanoparticles, emulsions

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Aditya Aneppanavar, Ajay Arvind, H. Manoj, Prashanth Mypadi R., Anand Jatti. A Review on Drug Delivery Systems Using Microfluidics. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Biotechnology. 2020; 10(1):

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