Anti-microbial Activity and FT-IR Analysis of Ethanol and Chloroform Extract from Musa paradisiaca

Rakesh N R, Gurumurthy H, Ishwarya D. P., Preeti R. Bawali


The second most important fruit crop in India, which is full yearly available covering major states, belongs to the family of Musa species. Among which, Musa paradisiaca, mostly grown in tropical and subtropical areas all over the country, is having nutritional values. Fruit as well as other parts of plant have significant interaction with human health, since from civilization. This work tries to reveal important components (phytoconstituents) of above mentioned species, with the usage of extraction, separation, biochemical and analytical techniques. The result of this work gave some useful phytochemicals which act as nutrient supply and show some biological activity (antimicrobial activity).

Keywords: Musa paradisiaca, anti-microbial activity, distillation, qualitative analysis, phytochemical

Cite this Article Rakesh N.R., Gurumurthy H., Ishwarya D.P., et al. Anti-microbial Activity and FTIR Analysis of Ethanol and Chloroform Extract from Musa paradisiaca. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Biotechnology. 2017; 7(3): 33–40p. 

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