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Inheritance Studies of Aroma in Aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.) of Temperate Areas of Kashmir Valley

Sabina Nasseer, Shabeena Majeed, Sabiya Bashir, Zahida Rashid, Seerat-un- Nisa, Z. A. Dar, Faisal Rasool, Mehfuza Habib, Shafiq Hakeem, Shahina Nagoo, Gul Zaffar, Shahida Iqbal


Three aromatic landraces viz. Mushkbudji, Kamad, and Black rice and two non-aromatic varieties were used to study the inheritance of aroma, the number of genes governing the inheritance and the type of gene action. Based on the inheritance pattern of aroma, 3:1 Mendelian ratio was observed in the cross of Black rice with Jhelum and Kamad with Chenab. Complementary gene action was observed in the cross of Mushkbudji with Jhelum whereas ratio of 27:37 was found in Mushkbudji X Chenab indicating involvement of 3 dominant aroma genes. Only one cross between Kamad X Jhelum showed a ratio of 13:3. The present study could find basis for formulating a sound breeding programme in the varietal improvement of scented /non scented ricevarieties.


Aromatic landraces, Black rice, non-aromatic, inheritance, Mendelian ratio, Mendelian ratio, genes.

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