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Computational Investigation of nsSNPs of PRSS1 Gene

Ekta Kumari, Dhwani Raghaw, Jitendra Singh Rathore


This research is done for the prioritizing of SNPs of a gene PRSS1 causing hereditary pancreatitis. In this analysis, the authors found out some nsSNPs as less stable, deleterious, probably damaging retain high risk score. It was also predicted that SIFT is fast SNPs server with comparison of PolyPhen2. By Doing its energy calculation and stability prediction, we can also determine the stability of mutant protein, that is ok whether this substitution is stable and heritable as it causes the hereditary pancreatitis. We can also know about its RMSD value which helps in protein modeling in a way by describing its structure features. Prioritizing nsSNPs in the investigation personalized medicine also as every SNPSs id having with their unique amino acid substitution at unique position. Animal models or cell lines to determine if functionality of the protein has indeed been altered today with the help of nsSNPSs analysis and by calculating its stability of protein are under selection pressure as it helps us in predicting phenotype so it may be used in nsSNPs investigation and protein stability prediction in post-biology study.


Keywords: nsSNP, SIFT, mutant protein, protein stability


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