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A Comparative in silico Study of the Glucose Transporters Predicts Ubiquitination of the Transporters at the C-Terminal End

Arpita Devi


Glucose Transporters are a family of membrane spanning proteins that transports glucose from exterior of the cell to the interior of the cell through the plasma membrane. There are 14 glucose transporters known till now. Although the transporters belong to the same family but not all function in glucose transport. They are different from each other in primary amino acid sequence. However, there is similarity in the secondary as well as tertiary structure. In this study, we have modelled the tertiary structure of all the glucose transporters. The process of degradation of GLUTs has not been studied till now. In this study, it is predicted that GLUTs are ubiquitinated and the site for ubiquitination is conserved across all members of the family.


Keywords: Glucose transporters; ubiquitination; docking; binding energy

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Arpita Devi. A comparative in silico study of the Glucose Transporters predicts ubiquitination of the transporters at the C-terminal end. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Bioinformatics. 2018; 5(2):    15–24p.


Glucose transporters; ubiquitination; docking; binding energy

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