Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding health hazards of mobile phone usage among upper primary students in a selected school at Pathanamthitta district



Young people watch video, express themselves, communicate with friends and search for information using smart phones .The use of mobile phones by young generation has increased resulting in physical, social and psychological impacts .Mobile phone addiction is most common in the age group between 12-18 years. The current study aimed to assess the pre-test level of knowledge regarding health hazards of mobile phone usage among upper primary school students, assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding health hazards of mobile phone usage and to find the association between the existing level of knowledge regarding health  hazards of mobile phone usage with  selected sociodemographic variables. The research design selected for this study is preexperimental one group pre-test post-test design .The study was conducted in St. Mary‟s U.P School,Adoor,Pathanamthitta. By using purposive sampling technique 30 upper primary school students, who have met the inclusion criteria, were selected as samples. After identifying the knowledge regarding health hazards of mobile phone usage by structured knowledge questionnaire Students were given structured teaching programme on health hazards of mobile phone usage. Then the investigator conducted post test by using the same tool. Majority of the study subjects were unaware of health hazards of mobile phone usage. The administration of structured teaching programme helped to improve level of knowledge among upper primary school students regarding health hazards of mobile phone usage. The study results revealed that p value was significant for five socio demographic variables namely occupation of father, occupation of mother, hobbies, type of play and duration of phone usage per day with their existing knowledge.



Assess,structured teaching programme,questionnaire,knowledge,upperprimary school students.


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