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Android Applications for COVID-19 Tracking and Instant Plasma Donor

Sahil Ansari, Shawn Dsouza, Bharti Rathod


As the world’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, much of the planet is pinning its hopes of easing lockdowns on having the ability to quickly identify people that might have been exposed to the virus. But such contact tracing is usually a laborious and slow process that relies on in-person interviews and detection. The applications discussed in the present paper aims to automate the method of retracing a person’s movements to seek out people they could have infected and possibly notify those people at the earliest possible stage. The world is affected by COVID-19 crisis, and that we have not found any vaccine yet. But there is another scientific way from which we will help to lower the death ratio or help the COVID-19 affected person. With no approved antiviral treatment plan for the deadly COVID-19 infection, plasma therapy is an experimental approach to treat COVID-positive patients and help them recover faster. The therapy is considered to be safe and promising. If a specific person is fully recovered from COVID-19, he/she is applicable to donate their plasma. These applications will help the user to seek out a plasma donor or to donate plasma to assist others in recovery.


COVID-19 tracing, plasma donation, android tracing application

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