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Biological Property of Lung Clone Cell Strain “Pyong-09-2”

Song-Ho Pak, Chol-Yong O, Suk-Hui Yang, Jin-Hyok Pak, Ye-Yong Kim


We cultivated lung clone cell strain, “Pyong-09-2” whose genetic characters are proper from fetal lung tissue-originated lung cell strain and found out their biological property. Lung clone cell strain, “Pyong-09-2” formed monolayer in which polygonic epithelioid cells are arranged uniformly, like original cell strain “Pyong-09-2” and their growth rate and activity are highest in medium containing 1% serum in 24~84 h of culture. Their viral infectious titer, plaque forming ability, and plaque titer are higher than original cell strain “Pyong-09-2”. Lung clone cell strain “Pyong-09-2” is sensitive to virus, but also to Chlamydia trachomatis, and cytopathogenesis occurred within 48~96 h of culture.


Tissue culture, Lung originated cell, Lung clone cell, Chlamydia trachmatis

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