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A Novel Approach of Protein Peptide Drug Delivery System

R.T. Panchave, S.N. Ahire


Protein and peptides perform vital functions in body and are essential for life. They show various roles as therapeutic agents in treatment of cancer and diabetes. Various routes are available for the delivery of proteins and peptides such as oral route, transdermal route, pulmonary route, parenteral route, ocular route, nasal route, buccal route. However physicochemical properties of protein and peptides make them challenging for exogenous administration, especially in oral administration. To overcome such challenges advances have been made in routes of administration. In case of transdermal delivery, microneedles are developed which increases permeation across skin. On the other hand, novel formulations such as liposomes, microspheres and dry emulsion are developed for oral delivery of protein and peptides. Similarly advances in ocular delivery include pro-drug approach, mucoadhesive and nanoparticulate system. Various pharmaceutical approaches such as pharmaceutical modification, enzyme inhibitors, penetration enhancers, hydrophobization in amino-acids units. This article summarizes various advances and developments in different routes of administration of protein and peptides.

Keywords: Aerosol, Liposomes, Microneedles, Microspheres, Protein

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R.T. Panchave, S.N. Ahire. A Novel Approach of Protein Peptide Drug Delivery System. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Bioinformatics. 2020; 7(2): 44–59p.

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