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Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerene: Basic Properties and Applications in Space Probe Studies

Gizachew Diga


Carbon nanotubes and fullerene has been visualized as an active research area in nanotechnology era. The possibility of harnessing these nanomaterials from natural resources and growing by artificial means attracts the attentions of most crystallographers, engineers, physicists, chemists and biomedical scientist. The tight binding approximations and density functional theory result shows the energy band gaps, and elastic properties of nanomaterials. Thus, in order describe the space model, the calculations are carried out in cylindrical coordinates for CNT and spherical coordinates for fullerene. The study of crystal structures, mechanical strength, and electrical properties of these nanomaterials are invented for space probe studies. From the stress versus area, the young modulus characterizing the stiffness of carbon nanotubes is determined. However, the electrical properties are compared for carbon nanotubes, graphen, and Fullerene. Besides, the effects of defects, doping and surface contamination on the magnetic property of CNT is presented. The properties characterizing the carbon nanotubes and fullerene as special materials in space probe studies is investigated. The intimacy between the origin of carbon nanotubes and supernova are explored. Hence, this research will access the mechanism of these nanostructures in constructing VONA as the way of maintaining the way of living in space. In trapping electrons and photons at a specific wavelength spectrum would be explored.


Carbon nanotube, fullerene, graphen, electron trap, nanomaterials

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