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Review: Impact of Nanotechnology in Recent Sports Era

Shubham Sharma, Vaibhav Kogje, J H Markna


Nanotechnology holds ground for many new innovations, technology and its advancement. It can be seen even in the aspects sport which is very important part of our lives and as this technology is thriving day-by-day as a result of which there is drastic improvement in performance of modified sports equipment like in tennis rackets, balls, and in other sports to improve safety, performance, comfortability and to abate the injuries. Nanotechnology is bolstering sportsperson to get better and to correct minor error to clinch their series or match at different level, this brings advancement in field of sports and attracting more people toward sports, but on the other hand there is question arising about technology doping this means better products of nanotechnology used in competition most of the technology used and minor of athletes capability has been used in competition. Nanotechnology is improving sport equipment. In recent times, the sports equipment industries with high-tech technology and research power advances have revolutionized sports.


Keywords: Nanotechnology, nanotechnology in sports, recent advancement in nanotechnology

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