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Recent Advancements in Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells

Satyendra Prasad, Sadanand ., Pooja Lohia, D.K. Dwivedi


In the last few decades, Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells (QDSSCs) have attracted attention of researchers worldwide and extensive work has been done to improve the efficiency of the solar cell.QDSSCs is considered as the best alternative to the other solar cell devices due to its photovoltaic properties with the combination of miniaturization. The best property of quantum dot is the size and bandgap tunability and it makes quantum dots (QDs) a very good absorber material. Recent works on QDSSCs have shown great improvements, resulting in a power conversion efficiency increase from less than 1% to 13% which is a great achievement. However, Quantumm dot solar cell still lag the traditional single-junction solar cell in terms of power conversion efficiencies (PCE). Here, we are reviewing the recent developments made in various QDSSCs which are prepared from different materials for electron transport layer (ETL), hole transport layer (HTL) and excitonic absorber (QDs). An overview of QDSSCs and its device architecture are also given over here so that the reader could understand and gets benefited from the present review.


Quantum dot, Solar cell, ETL, HTL, Absorber layer, Efficiency.

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