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Synthesis and Characterisation of Ceria Doped Titania Catalyst for the Degradation of Methylene Blue

M. Sofiya Joyce, P. Madoomitha, M. Esther Leena Preethi


Photocatalytic degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) dye using synthesized ceria doped titania catalyst was performed and results were interpreted. The photocatalyst was prepared by incipient wet impregnation method, using cerium nitrate and titanium dioxide as the starting materials. The synthesized catalyst was characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), Vibrating sample magnetometer analysis (VSM), UV-Vis Diffuse reflectance measurements (DRS-UV) and UV analysis. The XRD pattern indicated that the sample has a crystalline nature. The VSM analysis revealed the ferromagnetic behaviour and the magnetic properties of the sample. The photocatalytic degradation of one of the pollutants namely Methylene Blue dye (azo dye) was carried out under visible light irradiation using the synthesized catalyst. The photocatalytic activity and degradation studies were evaluated. The DRS spectra were used to calculate the bandgap of the catalyst. This study deciphers to have a complete degradation of methylene blue.


Methylene blue, photocatalysis, titania, semiconductor metal oxides, ceria

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