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Contemporary scenarios in purification of water

Saroj Dutta, Bangshidhar Goswami, Tridib Kumar Pathak


Purification of water relies on allocation of resources liked as rural, urban industrial and diagnostics intervened. Rural mostly under below poverty line subscribe from body filers like sun aided or air water mixers. Enriched biosand alga expects constituent basic fundamental to allow clean water. Even though malfunctioning membranes, application of chemicals and flocculating agents are ever remaining decisive to reclaim same. Ever prone child rebirth issue a challenge to water contamination. Bacteria, pathogens, virus and cysts articulated water remains ever decisive to get proper percolating filtration. This review ever prone subsidized issue strict but under may or may not argue.


Drinking Water, Low Cost, Bio-Sand Filtration, Natural Filtration, Solar Disinfection, Arsenic, Chlorine, Disinfectant, Microorganisms

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