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Steel corrosion about application of inhibitors

Bangshidhar Goswami, Kalpana Mahato, Ravindra Nath Gupta


In chronology of prevention of irreversible degradation of metals, inhibitors to corrosion have studied to inhibit use of toxic inhibitors. Prevention of toxic inhibitors has further studied to explore non-toxic inhibitors prepared from biological origins, e.g. plant originated or underwater organisms or expired drugs. Toxic organic inhibitors are further studied to select those in which toxicity is removed by dilution of processing chemical. If water pipelines are considered use of those inhibitors are accepted which produce compounds of medicinal in origin. Efficiencies have variation with concentration of medium as well as inhibitor, temperature or stability of as deposited compounds on steel surfaces.


Adsorption, Corrosion, Carbon steel, Inhibitor, Hydrochloric, Sulphuric acid, Water, Underwater biological organisms, Expired drugs, Steel pipelines, Boilers.

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