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Threat to Chemical Contamination to Near Surface Aquifer in Coastal Tract of East Medinipur District, West Bengal- Search for Sustainable Solutions

Sunanda Jas, Gupinath Bhandari, S.P. Sinha Ray



The problem of salinity in coastal areas is a global problem and requires detailed studies in all the coastal states. The Medinipur Coast covers 27% of the W.B. coastal Tract extending along the west bank of Hooghli estuary from New Digha at the extreme south west point of the Medinipur District and then curving around Junput, Dadanpatrabar, Khejuri and Haldia. on the east. It is estimated that 15 Blocks of south eastern Medinipur districts covering a total area of 2500 sq. km poses salinity problems. On this basis, approximately15% of Medinipur district may be termed as saline areas. Due to salinity hazard first near surface aquifer which is along the New Digha coast-line faces a serious threat. Over exploitation increasing population creates pressure on first aquifer as ground water extraction is maximum. So, first aquifer is really ground-water stressed. From field study two aquifers named as second and third aquifer has been found. Third aquifer having large resource potential where groundwater withdrawal is minimum. Third aquifer stretches upto Kanthi to Rasulpur River and Khejuri. Second aquifer is also having moderate water resource potential which stretches upto Ramnagar Area. To minimize to avoid Salinity pollution third as well as second aquifer may sustainable provide alternative water supply. It is also necessary to minimize groundwater extraction in the First Dune so that threat for saline water ingress can be avoided. Rain Water Harvesting and other water conservation techniques can prevent saline water contamination to a great extent.

Keywords:Salinity, Ground water, Aquifer, sand dune, sustainable solution

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Sunanda Jas, Gupinath Bhandari, Sinha
Ray SP. Threat to Chemical Contamination
to Near Surface Aquifer in Coastal Tract of
East Medinipur District, West Bengal:
Search for Sustainable Solutions. Journal
of Water Pollution & Purification
Research. 2017; 4(3): 29–35p.

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