Modeling for Removal of Nickel and Lead from Industrial Wastewater by Adsorption

Anusha Nivas, J. Raja Murugadoss


Heavy metals are stable and persistent environmental contaminants. They cannot be degraded or destroyed. The main anthropogenic sources of heavy metals are industries. The removal efficiency of heavy metals by preparing activated carbon from sugar mill sludge is determined. The carbon has been used as adsorbent. The experiment was carried out manually by batch process and column flow system. The results obtained are processed statically by developing a program to run in MATLAB software and the removal efficiency obtained through MATLAB processing was more than 90%. This experimental study has been carried out to develop an economical method of heavy metal removal, so that even small industries can adopt this method for their wastewater treatment and hence they can prevent the polluted water entering the stream. The results are provided in the requisite tabular as well as graphical forms.



: adsorption, batch study, column study, MATLAB

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