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Surface-Driven Capillary Flow of Dyed Water in the Fabricated Microfluidic Devices for the Applications in Water Purification

Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay


In this work, two SU-8 based glass microfluidic devices are fabricated by the maskless lithography and indirect bonding technique. Dyed water (80% dye, 20% water) is chosen as the working liquid to study the recorded surface-driven capillary flow in fabricated microfluidic devices. CMOS camera is used to capture the surface-driven capillary flow producing two individually recorded audio-video-interleave-files (as FileName.avi). This work may be useful in water purification using the SU-8 based glass microfluidic devices.   


Keywords: Dyed Water, Capillary Flow, Microfluidic Device, SU-8, Indirect Bonding     

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