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Drawbacks of the Water Monitoring System

Zainab Abdulkadir, Amina Ibrahim, Abdulmuhaimin Muhammad, Sadiku Aminu Sani, Muhammad Ahmad Baballe


Water quality stands as a paramount determinant influencing human existence. Purity tests for the water must often be performed immediately. There will need to be testing at multiple locations if the area to be studied is large. If the geographical area under consideration is extensive or large, testing will need to take place at multiple locations within that area. Continual assessments of the water's quality will be difficult and time-consuming. Hence, an imperative requirement emerges for a real-time
monitoring system to safeguard water, ensuring constant vigilance over its state and promptly preventing any contamination. Environmental sensors are used to monitor and display the water quality, LoRa technology (Long Range) is a collection of wide-area communication technologies, the
Node-RED application, and superior obstacle occlusion and longer signal propagation lengths. It involves tracking and gathering data on variables including climate, electrical conductivity, pH, air pollution, and turbidity that affect water quality. The research revolves around a microcontroller that
analyzes data from sensors before wirelessly transmitting it to a database. Consequently, the information becomes accessible through the Node-RED display, which is an integral component of an IoT-based monitoring system that includes real-time water quality monitoring and the Node-RED dashboard. The system's merits and drawbacks are explored in this study's discussion of the materials and implementation approach.

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