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Seasonal Variations of Air Quality Measures In Owerri Metropolis and Isiala Mbano, Nigeria Using MATLAB Model.

U.U. Egereonu, R.C. Maduike, N.J. Okoro, J.C. Egereonu, M.C. Igbomezie, I.C. Obiagwu, M.O. Ezeokoye, I.U. Iroegbulem, D.E Ndukwu


This study reports the investigation of seasonal variation of air quality measures in Owerri Metropolis and Isiala Mbano L.G.A in Imo State.  Parameters such as NO2, CO, Cl, SO2 and TPM were monitored in air samples during the dry and rainy seasons using a portable gas analyzer and particulate matter analyzer for the gases and TPM respectively. Water samples were collected from open air and were analyzed for heavy metals such as Zn, Pb, Hg, Cd, Fe, Cu, using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS).The pH of the water samples were also measured, using a pH meter. The observed concentration levels of the parameters measured for the eight months showed Jan, Feb, Dec, Nov in the dry season and May, Sept, June, July in the rainy season. Levels of the parameters were higher in the dry season and also in urban area for both gases and heavy metals. In Isiala Mbano which is the Rural area, the values observed were lesser in value compared to that of the Owerri Municipal both in water samples and heavy metals. The multiple analysis result by using correlation coefficient determination to justify showed values of gas in the dry season is 0.15 while in the rainy season is 0.14 both in the urban area. Metals in the dry season gave 0.19 while in the rainy season it was 0.17, in the Urban area. In Isiala Mbano, the value for the gases in dry season was 0.13, while in the rainy season it gave 0.13. For the metals in this Rural area it was 0.16 for dry season and 0.12 for rainy season. The results indicate that air quality standard has been affected and may eventually constitute health problem, for those living in such areas.


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