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Air Pollutants and Chemical Hazards are Major Causes of Cardiovascular and Other Diseases in Humans

M.H. Bindu Reddy, P. Trinatha Trinatha Rao


Air pollution has remained a source of worry, particularly in metropolitan areas, due to the multiple health and environmental consequences it causes. It is the leading cause of health problems such as decreased lung function, asthma, preterm birth, and early mortality. It has a deleterious influence on the cardiovascular system, leading to an increase in cardiovascular morbidity and death. The more an individual is exposed to air pollution, the faster atherosclerosis develops, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to research, levels of air pollution exceeding acceptable limits pose a major threat to health and the environment. As a result, this underscores the importance of improved law enforcement and regulation, as well as the importance of managing air pollution. It is critical to detect air pollution hotspots and the fluctuations in pollution levels that occur in such locations. This will facilitate in determining the priority levels that the protocols' implementation
should have in polluted regions. The article also highlights various system design and evaluation techniques for air pollution control equipment. In addition, numerous case studies demonstrating the impact of air pollution are discussed. The primary sources of air pollutants and chemical hazards are human activities such as industrial processes, transportation, and energy production. The most
common air pollutants include particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide. These pollutants can enter the body through the respiratory system, and cause inflammation and damage to blood vessels, leading to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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